Professional Left = Amateur Hour

Robert Gibbs is absolutely correct in his assessment of the Professional Left. Instead of incessantly whining about Gibbs’ statement or what the president hasn’t done for them, maybe the Professional Left should take this as a gauntlet being thrown down.

I like to watch MSNBC when I can. But if I want to watch on the weekend, MSNBC is programmed with All-Prison-All-The-Time. If I go over to FOX, they are grinding out their professional right viewpoint — 24×7. They have more credibility, by just being in the game.

The professional left is very good a creating web sites that will accept your credit card numbers. But they need to pony up in the national debate instead of complaining that the White House isn’t doing everything for them. (Personally, I am ticked off the president hasn’t come to my house to walk my dog.) The professional left needs to step up.

BTW, the professional left are not the activists who volunteered and voted for Obama. It is the outfits that did the Organizing.

The professional right has done a fantastic job of engaging and enraging their base. You know what — good for them. They kept their feet moving when they were down and did not give up. They have earned a seat at the table.

Last year the Tea Party disrupted Town Hall after Town Hall. They intimidated their way into the public eye. The Tea Party has moved the ball significantly to the right, almost to the point where we lost the health care reform debate.

The professional left looked down at these people as they did it. The professional left needed to organize the people who helped Obama win the White House into a force that would counter these groups. The professional left did no such thing. In 2009 they left their field of play.

The Tea Party, as documented by members of the professional left, was in part bankrolled or astro-turfed, by the professional right. All the professional left did with their information was point and make snarky comments. What have they done to support and nurture the counter-balance that is needed? Hey, we could use some astro-turf on this side of the field over here.

If the professional left wants to be taken seriously, it needs to pony up and organize with the same full-throated intensity the Tea Party has done.

Until then — it is nothing but hot air blowing in from an amateur left.

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