Republicans Not Showing True Colors

We are living in a polarized country right now.  Red and blue are the Republican and Democratic colors, respectively.

There are local elections right now.   As I drive around suburban Philly, a bellwether for the nation, I am not seeing something.

The red — where is it?

There are no red campaign signs — seeing plenty of blue signs.  Some GOP judge candidates are running with yellow signs with blue lettering.  Occasionally there is a yellow sign with black lettering (the idea of high visibility).  No red signs.

Is the GOP scared of who they have become?  If you are a Republican, are you comfortable with setting a red signed trigger to, “Hey, I am with those Republicans in Congress who shut the government down”?

It is almost as though local candidates know that if they use the color red voters will have a visceral reaction to the color and run as fast as they can to the Democratic candidate.

I guess that is why there does not appear to be any signage with Gadsden snakes on them.  The tea party folks may be crazy — but they are not stupid.

Driving around Delaware County, the GOP county council candidates have completely absconded with deep dark blue colors to the point where the Democrats resorted to using cyan signs with white lettering.  It is like the Democrats are saying, “Hey we ain’t those GOP guys who stole our colors.” It is kinda too bad the Democrats did not keep the true blue colors to say, “Yeah — we are blue.  We don’t have to change our colors.”

The town where I live in Montgomery County, NO ONE is admitting to be a Red-Signed Republican.  You would think the Democrats were in charge of everything (there are no elected Democrats here — yet).  In fact some Republicans tried to shut out the Democrats from their own blue ballot in the spring by trying to run a cross-filed campaign.  (Had the person succeeded, those not Democrat or Republican would have had no voice in the selection of that supervisor.)  You can bet those Duffy signs will never be red.

There is even one Republican school board candidate who managed to only get on the Democratic ballot running around with green signs.  When the Democrats asked Mr. Earnshaw what his problem with Democrats was, he would not tell them anything.  If he didn’t like Democrats then why use their ballot?  At least he isn’t stealing the colors.

If your local Republicans are afraid to show their true red colors then shouldn’t YOU be afraid of THEM?

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