Acting Like Grown-ups

There is something cathartic about a good mob movie. The guys who need to get whacked – generally get whacked – in style.

I started thinking about the actors who populate these films and about how they could reprise these roles, or parts of them, in real life.

Joe Pesci as a Congressman? He would put the whip into Whip. Good-Fella Cousin Vinnie would be perfect as the fast talking lawyer who can get it right.

What about Al Pacino – “It’s not personal – it’s strictly business”. He can bring his little friend to the Floor of the House too.

Then the guy I want to see as the new Speaker of the House, Robert DeNiro. We need to put the gavel in the hand of the man who can swing like Capone or a Raging Bull.

Seriously, I am not delusional here. These guys are professional actors. They are not politicians.

But the ‘real’ politicians cannot even fake being competent at this point. They cannot even fake having respect for the President of the United States. How dare individual members of the GOP Caucus turn down a direct invitation from President Obama to speak directly to what is driving them. Are they that busy?

At least a professional actor can fake being competent or respectful. This is where Ronald Reagan could work with Gorbachev. Acting is part of the game. Actors are trained in the nuance of person – to pick up the poker tells and do something with it. I think Pacino can get the scent of a Congressperson.

The markets that drive our economy thrive on the same consistency a 3 year-old needs. Instead the markets are reeling because too many in Congress are catering to the needs of 3 year-olds that were left home alone.

As our country defaults because of our own self-inflicted stupidity, we need some people who can step up and act in the best interests of the Country. Why not get some professional actors to call some plays from our silver linings playbook?

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