Court for the GOP

For decades the GOP has run around with trumped up charges to slow the government down when the Democrats got control of anything.

Look at how hostages were not released when Jimmy Carter was President. Carter would have easily beaten Reagan without the hostage situation. Do not try to tell me that the Reagan people did not work outside the government for the Iran Hostage release on Reagan’s Inauguration Day.

Look at the Gingrich shutdown and games during the Clinton years. How much progress did we lose on healthcare from the 1990’s?

Look at the Clinton impeachment proceedings. Ken Starr found what for all that taxpayer money? A blue stained dress – REALLY?

Maybe it is time for the Democrats to start standing up and use the full weight of the law against those messing up our country.

There are a lot of us who wanted the producers of the Iraq War to stand trial – but the Democrats were too damned high minded to do it. “We have to look to the future”, we were told.

We are where we are now, with our economy teetering again, because the GOP knows they can get away with it. They know they will never get called out with any weight of the law.

When Congresspeople answer more to the Speaker of the House than the President of the United States that is a violation of the Constitution. When President Obama asked EVERY member of the GOP Caucus to sit down with him and negotiate and every member deferred to Speaker Boehner as to who should go – that is putting the Republican Party above the American People. They did not uphold the Constitution.

Oath Violation – 15 yard penalty and loss of Congressional seat. Repeat 3rd down.

When the 14th Amendment clearly states that the debt of the country shall not be questioned and the GOP House Caucus questions it up to the point of collapse – that is a crime. Since the Constitution left the penalty for the crime up to Congress to police itself – well you know what happens there…

Is that the opening for the Executive and Judicial Branches to place a check on this malfeasance? We keep hearing about how our government works on checks and balances. Why can’t the Executive Branch request warrants in Federal Court for the arrest of the Congresspeople responsible for this fiasco? The Federal Court should be within its power to issue those warrants. U.S. Marshalls can process the arrests.

Since Congress never got around to issuing penalties for questioning the debt, is it up to the Courts to interpret what the Constitution’s framers at the time meant and start the process? Are these members to be stripped of their seats in Congress – to be replaced at the next election? Could there be jail penalties?

Constitution Violation resulting in near global economic catastrophe – 25 yard penalty plus 5 to 10 at GITMO. Repeat 3rd down.

We look at Congress as a bunch of bratty, whiney children. At least a kindergarten has a teacher the kids have to answer to.

Until there is some discipline meted out or there is the threat that our laws will be enforced we are going to have a government that looks like this.

As bad as it looks in operation – it is worse when it stops.

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