Steubenville Should Go Play With Itself

Steubenville, Ohio is now another name for a misogynistic education system. Over the past year a good chunk of the football team took part in a brutal party that ended up with a female student’s sexual humiliation being documented on social networks.

Part of the football team is now doing time for that.

Even a few of the female students are now on probation for using Twitter to harass the victim after the football players were found guilty. (Link)

Currently, there is a grand jury investigation under way to see what involvement adults like coaches had in the aftermath of the rape. One of those convicted sent tweets stating the coach “took care of it” and “Like he was joking about it so I’m not worried”.

In response, the Steubenville School District has renewed the coach’s contract for another 2 years. They did not have to give the coach a vote of confidence, but they did. I guess that is part of the Steubenville value system being taught. Football culture trumps rape. That is the way those folks want to live and it will continue until the people out there elect a school board with their heads screwed on straight.

What does this have to do with anyone outside of the Steubenville community? What does it have to do with people in Philadelphia? If you look at this year’s Steubenville Football team schedule (Link) you will notice that University City from Philadelphia will be traveling to Steubenville on October 25 for a 7:00 game.

The Philadelphia School District is where it always is – too many kids with too little cash. I would never begrudge the University City kids the chance for a field trip to such a cosmopolitan locale like Steubenville, Ohio under normal circumstances; but this is not normal.

By playing Steubenville, the Philadelphia School District (and every other team that plays Steubenville) is enabling this coach to continue and gives credibility to the way Steubenville treats sexual assault.

Can the Philadelphia School District find another team in Ohio to play? If the kids are going out there can they head to Canton to the Football Hall of Fame as an educational trip? They do not necessarily need to play. I am not arguing with the on-field quality of the Steubenville Football Team but it’s attitudes towards women and the propriety of how that community is handling this issue.

I hope that University City reconsiders playing Steubenville, as I hope other schools like Benedictine, Brooke, Washington, Barberton, and Ursuline will rearrange their schedules to find a better outfit.

As long as the coach who has enabled this culture is roaming the sidelines, anyone playing Steubenville is enabling the Steubenville culture.

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