Stupid Questions: Series 115 – We Got a Pope

I am glad the Holy Spirit came down and found a way to convince the cardinals to elect someone who appears normal.

Before sealing themselves in the Sistine Chapel, the 115 cardinals (hence the title) made a big deal about swearing what they are about to do in the chapel will remain secret.

Almost upon their entry, CNN and other outlets had priests feeding the beasts about the goings on in the chapel from other papal elections.

After the white smoke went up and Pope Francis popped out, we started hearing stories that he was actually the runner-up last time.

Yes, I admit that hearing all this stuff was kinda neat. But I started thinking that before the last couple of papal elections the same ceremony took place with cardinals taking an oath not to reveal anything.

Stupid Questions
115. If everyone kept their oath — where are the stories coming from?
116. Didn’t Christ say not to take oaths?
117. Where are the media priests getting their material?
118. Are the cardinals really into telling the truth?
119. If the cardinals aren’t telling the truth about the oath, how can you believe their stories about what went on inside?
120. By extension, and more chilling, where on the outside world will the cardinals tell the truth?
121. Maybe the Holy See needs to get rid of future oaths or let the cardinals know it would be a good idea to fulfill their oaths?

The cardinals, on a small matter of dishing the inside baseball of a conclave, put into question anything they say outside of it.

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