Boehner Cuts a Deal – Keeps Gavel?

It looks like John Boehner is getting a challenge from his own caucus. Link

If enough of the Tea Party Caucus bolts on him – he is out as speaker.

Why not something novel?

John Boehner cuts a deal with what are now the Moderate Republicans (non-Tea Party) and Democrats who want to bargain. He can give up some chairmanships (maybe to some women) and make a deal with the President on the fiscal cliff in return for keeping the speaker’s gavel.

He could break the stranglehold on partisan politics by appealing to the moderates in each party.
It would mean that he would be forced to govern by coalition – compromise – I think the word is called.

He would need to keep a majority of his GOP base intact, but the country would have to give him props for standing up to the Tea Party Bullies.

The public is clearly saying we want people to compromise; this is the bold stroke move that could wash out Grover Norquist and the Weenie Whiner Association that will be known as Tea Party 2.0.

Boehner gets to play his gavel by resetting the playing field in such a way the people might actually think Congress has a few grown-ups in there.

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