Military Possibly Instituting US Sexual Corps

Because a number of high ranking military men are now being found out to having extra-marital affairs outside the realm of the military, the Joint Chiefs of Staff are pondering the idea of starting a separate branch of the military to take care of this issue.

Since the main issue here is National Security, the need is for military members who are cleared for security and can remain discreet.

The US Sexual Corps will be responsible for providing high ranking military people with access to a release method; meeting their sexual needs while overseas.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is to be replaced with an updated “When the whip drops – Don’t Yell”.

Each member of the military over the rank of Colonel or Naval Captain will have access to a Harem Division assigned to that branch of the military.

There will be no provisions made for fetishes. Military contracts will only allow one-on-one sex without respect to gender of with partner. No Sheep will be allowed.

There will be a rigorous selection process for trainees and recruits to make the grade. The training videos will be made public as a recruitment tool for all branches of the military.

Some of the ranks proposed for the Corps are:

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