Stupid Questions: Hold The Pepperoni

Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter Says Company Will Reduce Workers’ Hours In Response To Obamacare (Link)

1. Is this a brilliant marketing ploy or what?

2. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Papa John’s actually raised prices, cut costs, gained market share, and wiped out competition with this move?

3. Isn’t part of marketing the action of polling people and data collection?

4. If Papa John has been friendly to the Romney Election Machine this season, would he have the opportunity to buy or gain access to the tons of GOP Polling Data that drove the last election?

5. Could marketing analysts at Papa John’s take that data and determine that they already have presence in many of the markets and with many of the demographics that Romney did well in?

6. Can we remember the game Papa John’s is playing is to make money?

7. Could Papa John’s folks have looked at the bump in sales that Chik-Fil-A got over the summer when the gay marriage controversy erupted?

8. Has Dominos Pizza, outspoken on the Pro-Life issue, done well with a Pro-Life market segment?

9. If the Romney Campaign did well in an area (> 60% of the vote) would a product campaign that matches what the Romney Campaign ran on do well inside that demographic?

10. Isn’t ranting about Obamacare a great way to tap into the wounded feelings of this portion of the electorate (or marketplace)?

11. What does this do to the rest of the marketplace?

12. If the GOP and Romney were running at 60% of the vote and about half the folks voted in a region, then aren’t we looking at 30% of the population that may be more attracted to buying a pizza from this guy?

13. Does that means all the other operators (from large chains to mom-and-pop parlors) in the region are left splitting about 70% of the total marketplace?

14. Can Papa John’s leverage the marketing of that 30% to begin to wipe out the other competition in the marketplace?

15. In other words, if I am a mom-and-pop operator that does not engage in politics-for-food, could I lose 30% of my base to Papa John’s?

16. Can I make it without 30% of my base?

17. Do I have to politicize my food?

18. Do I attempt to match Papa John’s and go to the right of Papa John’s and risk losing 70%?

19. Do I begin to market to the Center and Left in order to counter my loses?

20. Can I defend against Papa John’s and run a campaign of totally de-politicizing my pizza as a political act?

21. Who does the act of loudly boycotting Papa John’s really help or hurt?

The associated graphics is just a wild supposition of what some regional data may or may not be. It is included to show what would happen if Papa John’s actually got hold of 30% of everyone else’s customers

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