Steal Steele

As we watched the derailment of the Romney Ryan Express the postmortems began.

The geniuses at that GOP version of the NTSB – FOX News – were picking thru the wreckage trying to find the failure points.

Everything from a large segment of the population was hood-winked, to Romney tracking too far to the right to deal with Rick Perry to not attacking harder on Benghazi. (I don’t know how much harder they could they have hammered – at one point I thought the campaign was ‘noun, verb, Benghazi’)

As the GOP cried in their beer, the first whimpers were something about Obama is the only president that did not beat his first time Electoral College totals on re-election. I started wondering about Bush Sr.’s re-election and Gerald Ford’s re-election numbers with respect to the Electoral College. A win is a win.

All of the panelists looked for that one turning point that led to the axel breaking.

Here is my single point of failure.

They fired their engineer.

I really don’t get why the guy who won so stunningly for them in 2010 was dispatched in favor of some guy whose name sounds like an Acne Condition.

Michael Steele won for the GOP big time. Then the GOP found their level of incompetence. For a party that tows a corporate line and image, Dilbert carried the day when they bounced him from the boardroom. He was only winning for them.

Steele now sits on MSNBC giving really decent analysis.

His 2010 achievement of turning the Congress to the GOP may stand for a generation.

How is this for an idea?

Why don’t the Democrats enlist Steele as their new Chairman?

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz did an outstanding job running the DNC, but would we be better served having her in Congress?

Somebody like the late Ron Brown was dedicated to this job 24×7. He was the DNC Chair that helped Bill Clinton win. Howard Dean was devoted to the job 24×7 in 2008 for the first Obama victory.

Why not use the fact the GOP has left its moorings (and its collective mind) to its best advantage and offer the job of the next DNC Chair to a guy who has proven he can do the job. He may be able to pull new people – all those disaffected Republicans (and donors) – into a new home.

Let Michael Steele fix the Congress back to the way it should be.

Let’s get some Karma working for us.

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