Stupid Questions 121106: Smack a Voting Machine

I am sure you have seen this video of the voting machine that is so advanced that it wants to vote for you — whether you like it or not.

Seems like the machine has an anti-Obama problem.

Evidently the machine needed some recalibration. (Yeah, wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

Some Stupid Questions

1. If we smack the machine upside its diodes for not allowing citizens to vote properly, will we get arrested?

2. If the machine was ‘recalibrated’ and put back online, could that mean that evidence would be destroyed? (See Question 10)

3. What happens to the votes cast by those people before the recalibration?

4. Will those folks get to vote again to make sure they got it right?

5. Does anyone seriously have confidence in these machines anymore?

6. If the electronic machines are for the luxury of those counting the votes, how can we give these folks the same luxury of providing a paper ballot that a voter can verify before casting?

7. If you are an auditor or accountant, would you really accept such flimsy documentation from the subject of audit that the public is being presented with these voting machines?

8. Would you sign an affidavit attesting for whom you voted?

9. If there are more affidavits for President Obama than are recorded on the machines, can this election be thrown out and redone for a particular precinct with paper ballots?

10. Because of these flaws in programming, will this force all software manufacturers to release their software and full documentation?

11. Will the person who certified this machine be held accountable for anything? (After all, there should be some paper trail that this machine was okay to go.)

12. Is this one of the machines that was falsely rumored to be manufactured by the Bain Capital company with ties to Tagg Romney?

13. If Mitt Romney ‘wins’ this election with questionable machines across the country, how will anyone take the government seriously?

14. After the debacle of 2000, would the public be able to accept the results of a faulty election?

Any further questions really scare the daylights out of me

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