How Lost Is Mitt Romney? How Lost Are We?

In the third debate last night, Mitt Romney’s response to a question about Syria tells you everything you need to know about why Mitt Romney is dangerous to the planet.

Syria plays an important role in the Middle East, particularly right now. Syria is Iran’s only ally in the Arab world. It’s their route to the sea.

Yes, it can seem picayune to cherry-pick this comment, but it goes to a number of issues.

Mitt Romney has been attempting to make Middle East foreign policy an attack line. He needs to know the region geographically. Please take a look at this map and tell me how Iran gets to the sea again?


Iran has more beachfront property than anyone else in the Persian Gulf. I guess it is too bad that Mitt never got a vacation house there.

If I were walking to the Mediterranean Sea, I would walk through Turkey. I don’t need to walk through Iraq to get to Syria to get to the sea.

Willful ignorance is doubly dangerous as Mitt Romney has been running for president for how many decades now? The land masses over there stopped shifting quite sometime ago. He should have been able to look this stuff up over the last couple of weeks. What did he do in debate prep? Is this how he would prepare to lead our country? This is beyond a Democrat/Republican or blue/red issue. This is about basic world concepts Mitt Romney should have gotten with his fancy prep school training.

Also, why hasn’t the talking head class picked this up? Are they also that geographically illiterate? These guys need to be the watchdogs when the candidates run their mouths.

The GOP and the media need to get some compasses.

For my part, I can see having a lot of fun with this. This can be the Big Bird statement of debate #3.

Hypothetical News Flash: Israel has come out in favor of President Obama. An unnamed spokesperson stated that, “If Mitt Romney started firing missiles at Iran, given a potential new administration’s lack of geographical knowledge, we would probably get hit instead.”

Related stories include the country of Armenia sending maps to the Romney campaign with their country circled in a big red marker with the words “DO NOT BOMB HERE” scrawled over Armenia.

Iranian intelligence has started to print up new maps switching the labels of Iran and the USA in the hopes that if Mitt were to start bombing, it would not affect the Persian Gulf but some remote part of Michigan. (Sorry Michigan…)

The whole thing would be a riot — if it weren’t so damn scary.

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