Want to Stick Up for Some Bi-Partisanship?

Published: Personally 2010-12-17 22:33:18

I wrote about Bi-Partisanship being punished (Link) last week. I also wrote about No Labels being this nice, new shiny movement of people who want to help Bi-Partisanship (Link).

I will be at the Montgomery County Commissioners Meeting Wednesday, December 22 at 10 am. I will sit through the meeting until the time when citizens can get up to speak. I want to tell the Commissioners that I support their efforts to act in a Bi-Partisan manner.

The county government is under fire from the GOP controlled newspaper and the party structures on both sides. I will ask the Commissioner to stop funding this partisan activity that the county newspaper of record engages in. I am all for Freedom of the Press. I just don’t want my tax dollars funding it.

If you are tired of this garbage of party first driving the narrative, join me in speaking up for Commissioners Joe Hoeffel and Jim Matthews. Guys reaching across the aisle, doing the right thing are being pummeled. This is tailor made for those who want civility and a break-out.

I don’t care if the No Labels (Link) folks want to come or not, or Coffee People (Link) want to come or not, or if I am sitting there as the lone citizen willing to speak for these guys. They need a hand (hint, hint).

If you aren’t doing anything, It would be great to meet you. The Board of Commissioners will meet in the Board Room on the Eighth Floor of One Montgomery Plaza, Norristown, PA (Link).

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