Telling Lymphoma to Pound Sand

My dad is having a serious discussion with Lymphoma.

It has been a difficult discussion.

The Lymphoma has told my dad that it really isn’t worth arguing with it.

So my dad has decided that he will finish the conversation on HIS terms.

He is not taking treatments, but is staying as comfortable as possible. He is seeing people he hasn’t seen for a long time. This hospice stuff may take a while – and that is good.

I am writing this because this Saturday my daughter and I will be walking at the Norristown Farm Park as part of another discussion with Lymphoma. A discussion where we tell Lymphoma to POUND SAND as we pound the pavement.

The walk is about raising awareness for this form of cancer, and to raise some bucks for research – so the next guy will have more convincing things to say when confronted with a ‘discussion’ with Lymphoma…

We are registered under the name ‘Team Ferraro’ if you are interested in using cash as speech… There are plenty of other folks walking too!

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