Special Prosecutor for 9/11 – NOW

I am not a truther; if defining a truther as someone who thinks the government went out of its way to plan the 9/11 attacks. Up to this point I have held the opinion that the Bush Administration was a bunch of incompetent fools.

It would have been a mistake to indict members of the Bush Administration at the start of the President Obama’s term. We were already divided enough. This issue would have made it worse. So much for that.

Putting the events of 9/11 aside, look at how incompetent Bush and Company was. Realize that if President Bush had NOT gone into Iraq and actually took down bin Laden in Tora Bora there would be no President Barack Obama today. There probably would not be much of a Democratic Party either. No one would even think to go back and look at the Summer of 2001. The lack of leadership has cost the GOP politically and this country dearly.

More documentation from the Summer of 2001 is finally coming out. There were not only smoking guns, but smothering grenades. It appears this information was not available to the 9/11 Commission. If the 9/11 Commission made its report with faulty information, then they would come up with a faulty conclusion. I guess we could not have a Blue Ribbon Commission use the Blue Ribbon to strangle the Bush Administration with fault.

How is it not a criminal activity to withhold documentation from the 9/11 Commission? The Special Prosecutor needs be called to investigate NOW, while there is still a Democrat in the White House who can authorize the release of information properly.

Is this a political use of the government? Yup – you are darned right! It needs to be done, if for no other reason than to have part of this conversation BEFORE the election. If the GOP could use a special prosecutor to bring an impeachment on a blue stained dress, why can’t we have one for something that really matters?

The Democrats can use this issue to take back Congress. If any Republican stands in the way of forming this Commission that is a campaign issue for back home. What does the Bush Administration have to hide now? Why would a candidate shield criminal activity?

The Bush White House was populated by a bunch of bullies who, when they got their chance, decided to get every other country to hold down and cut the hair of Iraq. No one has held these people responsible for those actions.

When you don’t make a stand against the bullies they come back.

The same people who brought us the Iraq War are sitting in the planning rooms of the Romney Campaign. Our allies have already seen that Mitt Romney is not ready for prime time. They must be scared out of their minds at the fact that a President Mitt Romney will be leaning on the Neo-Cons for advice. If I were in a French, or German, or British, or Russian Government right now, I would be using lax American elections laws (aka money laundering operations) to make huge donations to the Obama Super Pacs (or setting up my own). The United States helped save their butts from Fascist Regimes back in the day – this may be a good time to return the favor.

The public needs to know, in no uncertain terms, who is inside the black box of foreign policy that Mitt Romney wants to tote into the White House.

If you think Mitt Romney is secret about his taxes – wait until he gets information that really matters.

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