Stupid Question: 750,000 Series – You Really Didn’t Want to Vote Did You?

I am not really in the media. I am just a keyboard commando. So I don’t get to ask questions. Stupid Questions are things I want to know, but are obviously not good enough questions to be asked by the media.

It is estimated that over 750.000 people will be disenfranchised by the Penna. Voter Id Laws.

Pennsylvania’s rules for getting an Id look something like this:
If you do not have a Photo Id the state will issue you one free of charge provided you can produce the following: Social Security Card AND One of the following:

  • Certificate of U.S. Citizenship
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Valid U.S. Passport
  • Birth Certificate with a raised seal


  • Two proofs of residency such as lease agreements, current utility bills, mortgage documents, W-2 form, tax records

So you need 4 items to even get a prayer to vote.
The Stupid Questions:

If you are an illegal immigrant that is smart enough to blend quietly into our society how dumb would it be for you to raise a red flag on yourself by trying to vote?

If Governor Tom Corbett were the dictator of a small Central American country, Corbett Rica or El Goofidor, and pulled a stunt like this to disenfranchise his people, would the United States send troops in to bring Democracy back?

Would Fox News call this a coup against the people if performed by a bunch of Democrats?
Isn’t it bad enough in Pennsylvania that Independent voters are already disenfranchised during the state’s closed primary?
Is disenfranchising the 750,000 people the first step to a Pennsylvania Aparthied?
If you are a person who has always voted, and has been knocked off the voter rolls and are of African-American descent who traces their heritage back before the Civil War, do you find it ironic the laws disenfranchising you were written by people whose heritage may only go back to Ellis Island?
As population demographics shift and the white population becomes the minority, is this Voter Id Law wise method of irritating the new majorities?
Voter Id Laws is to the African American Community as the Nuremberg Laws were to the Jewish Community?

Nuremberg Laws were the legal rationalization for removing rights from a whole class of people.
Will there be a list of those people who are being knocked off the voter rolls being made public?
What percentage of Socialist Voters will be removed from the voter rolls (after all, they should not be allowed to vote since they are out of the mainstream)?
If those knocked off the rolls could not prove they are Citizens now – I guess they are illegal – where do we send all these folks to?
Will Iceland or Greenland take them?
Will these folks who have been knocked off the rolls be charged with Felony Voting for having voted in the past?
How much time will one do for voting for President Obama?
Why is driving, a privilege, being used to limit access to voting, a right?
If you think the Department of Transportation Licensing procedures are slow and surly, why are they the ones in charge of doling out Voter Id Cards?
Will the Department of Transportation take away your driving privileges if you register as a Democrat?
If the Drivers License is the method to be used to verify voting, does this mean the fees associated with getting your license are part of the new poll tax?
I have seen people who drive the Schuylkill Expressway (Pronounced: Sure Kill), are we sure we want these people voting?
Why hasn’t the State Legislature set aside money for people to get their documentation for free?
If you have been knocked off the voter rolls and live in a city – how cool will it be to hand out literature at a suburban polling location wearing a T-Shirt that says –

“The GOP has taken away my vote and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt”

Could T-Shirts be customized for every State Representatives’ race like:

I Don’t have the right to vote because your State Representative, Mike Vereb, took away my franchise.

If you have been made homeless because of a medical bankruptcy, do you still have the right to vote?
Will the Obama Campaign begin using this issue as a fundraising tool (Every $5 donation pays for the documentation for one voter in your state.)?
Anyone else get the idea the GOP Primary Season appeared as a practice run on how to steal elections (Didn’t Santorum win Iowa and Ron Paul appeared to get rooked in Maine) ?
If the GOP is so damn concerned about “Voter Fraud”, why do they rely on machines that cannot product a proper audit trail of the votes cast?

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