Want to Come to a Real New Years’ Party?

Published: Personally 2010-12-24 10:12:41

New York’s New Year’s Eve a bunch of people stand around in the street and watch a ball drop (oooohhh-aaahhh). They call that a party? Stand over here. No, stand over there. Get crushed. 6 or 7 hours of this? Nah, no way. Been there – done that.

Pasadena may have a bunch of flowers and a TV Contract. Yeah, the marching bands are great there. The floats are well done, but it’s all pro’s.

You want a party? You want a party that is real? You want a party that is good clean (except for the beer) fun? THIS is a party that should be on YOUR bucket list. Forget getting hung over in New Yourk New Year’s day, come to Philly.

Yeah, that’s right, I said, “COME TO PHILLY“, you got a problem with that? Come to our house. We’ll let you in.

Philly on New Years’ Day has a huge block party called the Mummers Parade. Entire neighborhoods get together to out-compete each other in Humor (Comics Brigade), Fashion (The Fancy Brigades), Music (The String Bands) throughout the day as about one third of the city either lines Broad Street or is marching.

Parts of the city are just closed down. Forget about getting from one place to the next, especially around South Broad Street. If you can’t have a good time here, well, you just can’t have a good time.

The secret about the Mummers is slowly getting out. The Brigade Division winners from last year’s parade…

made it to a segment of one of the nationally televised talent shows and blew everyone away. (Link)

This is Broadway level stuff done NEW every year by people who just like to do this stuff. You can see how much these folks love putting this stuff together and making it happen. Yeah, those with no humor may find it hokey, but I love hokey and fun.

The String Band attacks of Banjo and Saxes guarantee you will never hear these instruments the same again (Link). The sets you see in all of these links are carried by humans into place. You will see all of these sets are on wheels. There are performances on Broad Street prior to the big event before the judges.

The real fun begins AFTER all of this. A better and bigger secret is the after party. Everyone is welcome. Come to Two Street. I cannot describe this party any better than the text on this You-Tube video. (Check out his five part YouTube Videos on last year’s party starting with this link.)

When you go to see the Mummers on TWO STREET you can’t help but get overwhelmed by the infectious spirit of good will to all, no matter your race, color, sexual orientation, financial level or anything else. If depressed when showing up there I guarantee within a couple of minutes your depression will vanish and be replaced with Joy and celebration for life in general. It makes you feel happy to be alive.

The videos posted here or the related links do not do this party justice. You have to be here for it. These guys will blow you away…

Like many good things in our society, they are vanishing. This parade may be one of them. Finances are taking their toll as is the short attention span of our society. If you want to see and feel something really special before it goes away, come to Philly this New Year’s Day.

Come to Philly. Come to our house. The door is open.

I know where I will be with my family this New Year’s Day… See you on Two Street…

Happy New Year !!!

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