Stupid Questions – $60 Million Series: Penn State

The NCAA has delivered a number of penalties to Penn State for the University’s management of pedophiles (Link).


  • $60,000,000 fine, representing approximately one year of football profits to be used to fund an “endowment for programs preventing child sexual abuse and/or assisting the victims of child sexual abuse”.
  • 4-year bowl game ban with a 5 year probationary period.
  • Scholarship reduction from 25 to 15 for football athletes lasting four years.
  • Paterno loses all games from 1998 thru 2011, the time he covered for Sandusky.
  • Any entering, returning football student athlete can transfer and play immediately elsewhere.

Corrective measures including:
Everything in the Freeh Report
Implementation of:

  • Athletics Integrity Agreement
  • Compliance Officer for Athletics
  • Compliance Council
  • Disclosure Program
  • Internal Accountability and Certifications
  • External Compliance Review/Certification Process
  • Athletics Code of Conduct
  • Training and Education
  • Appointment of an independent Athletics Integrity Monitor for a five-year period

Comments from the NCAA related that economic ripple effects were taken into account when creating this punitive sentence.

Stupid Questions:

  • Isn’t the NCAA a business group for colleges that have banded together to form a more perfect monopoly?
  • If the NCAA’s effect on local economies is large enough they feared crashing local economies if they gave Penn State the Death Penalty, is the NCAA too big?
  • Instead of earmarking the monies for their social agenda, why doesn’t the NCAA force Penn State to give $60,000,000 in tuition refunds to current students (not just the student athletes – the real live students whose tuition is supporting this operation)?
  • If we live in a “Capitalist” economic system, what “right” does the NCAA have to tell student athletes who they may play for and when they may play for them?
  • Why can’t these “Athletes” make decisions themselves as far as whom to hone their services with, whenever they want to change jobs?
  • How is this not the “Communism” or “Socialism” feared by so many Americans?
  • If Penn State wants to be a viable place to send your kid for an education, would it be wise of them to implement all of these elements – without having the NCAA making them do it?
  • Is it ‘ethical’ to make an institution ‘ethical’ by financial force?
  • As far as having policies in place to handle sexual abuse, what right does the NCAA have usurping the role of the government?
  • Hasn’t the law caught up with this problem with laws now in place to handle pedophile situations? (The wheels of justice are moving, albeit slowly.)
  • If the NCAA is the organization who is dictating policy at a public university, will their books be opened for public audit?
  • Since the NCAA is profoundly affecting public policy, should the general public begin electing officials to NCAA boards?
  • For perspective, if the standard tuition for Penn State is $16,444 per year doesn’t dividing the $60,000,000 result in over 3600 students’ bills?
  • If there are about 44,000 students enrolled at Penn State would a tuition increase of $1343.00 cover the cost of the penalty?
  • Will the state legislature pass a law prohibiting Penn State from passing the cost of this penalty along to students?
  • Why is the State of Pennsylvania ceding control of its educational system to the NCAA?
  • Why hasn’t the Pennsylvania State Legislature or Governor Corbett put this same fear of God into the Penn State community?
  • If Penn State is a public institution, who is the NCAA to impose fines on a public institution.
  • How can I impose fines on my local government?

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