Romney as Arsonist

Mitt Romney is an arsonist who set economic fire to the country. He is trying to be the “hero” that puts out his own fire (if he gets elected) by releasing the funds pent up overseas.

In a Huffington Post report on the Romney / Bain Mess (Link), Howard Fineman asserts:

“It takes perverse talent to turn a two-day mini-story into a major three-week distraction. But that is precisely what Mitt Romney’s campaign has done with a June 21 story in the Washington Post. As a result, they’re losing valuable media time playing defense when they should be using every waking second and news cycle to remind voters about how crappy the economy is and why President Barack Obama should be blamed for it.”

I have to disagree.

I hope the Obama Campaign is licking their chops when Governor Romney opens up about how crappy the economy is.

How did Mitt Romney make his bones?

The economy is crappy because guys like Romney saw companies with big pension funds sitting out there, bought those companies and dismantled their safety nets. Lord knows where that money went.

The Obama Campaign can point out all that RomneyCash sitting in overseas accounts is American capital that needs to be used here to create jobs. 10 years of Bush Tax Cuts and we can only speculate the money earmarked for business investment here is gathering interest for a few fat cats sitting on it elsewhere.

Remember banks lend money out for projects to make more money. If that cash is in control of bankers in the Cayman Islands or Switzerland, it is not funding the expansion of the economy here.

American Companies have to compete with companies from every other country for that investment capital. There is no incentive for a banker from the Caymans to invest in the USA over Japan, the Sudan, or Tajikistan. If that cash were sitting here at home, our companies would have the edge in getting access to it. Plus, Mitt would be paying taxes on that pile of cash.

The economy is burning because Romney and his buddies have refused to spend American dollars in America on the American People. If Mitt Romney gets elected – a firehose of money gets turned on to put out all the fires.

Governor Romney wants to assert that he created jobs all over the place. OK, aren’t Staples and The Sports Authority the end points in the distribution chain for products made predominantly overseas?

If he created all these jobs, where are the workers stepping up to say – “Yeah, I work for Mitt and he’s a great guy”?

Where are the engineers and hard scientists saying how much Mitt meant to them and their careers?

Romney should be playing defense for the rest of the Campaign season.

If Bill Clinton can be brought down on a blue stained dress with special prosecutors and grand juries, aren’t the now questionable Romney financial transactions game for scrutiny?

If Governor Romney does not want to file his 2011 Tax Returns (he has filed for an extension) in a timely manner so the American people can have a look BEFORE the election; that needs to be brought up all over the place. But, he is within the rules. If he wants to keep all his years of tax returns private until AFTER the election, that needs to be brought up all over the place. But, he is within the rules.

However, when there are serious discrepancies in the SEC filings and what he is representing as fact to the electorate, it is a legit use of taxpayers’ dollars to see what’s up.

In fact, with the new information coming to light, a special prosecutor needs to be hired and grand juries should be empaneled to look at the Romney finances RIGHT NOW!

Legal actions give REAL Republicans the pretext to form a coup against Romney at the Convention. The GOP would actually have a shot for someone who shares values with the majority of their base.

I hope that puddle on the ground is the drool from the Obama Campaign licking their chops for when Governor Romney opens up about how crappy the economy is.

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