Stupid Questions: 4868 Series – Romney Tax Extenders

Mitt Romney has asked for an extension to pay his taxes.

OK, we get he is busy.

But so are the rest of us.

This is not about ripping on a guy because he is rich.

No, this is about ripping on a rich guy who isn’t using his resources properly and appears to be an incompetent manager.

The IRS Tax Form 4868 (link) is used to file for Extension. The numbering starts here.

Stupid Questions:

4868. Do you have a corps of people you can pay to do stuff for you — stuff like paying your taxes or raising your kids or keeping your house(s)?
4869. Does Mitt ?
4870. Does Mitt have the cash to purchase the best services money can buy?
4871. Isn’t the Romney calling card that he is some kind of management wizard?
4872. Wasn’t this the reason we should look at him seriously to run the country?
4873. OK, then why can’t he manage his own taxes?
4874. Was April 15th rescheduled for this year? (We all know on January 1st that eventually we will get to April 15th. I haven’t seen a year where it hasn’t happened. )
4875. As a project manager — did Romney use the two bonus days because of calendar quirks to file the taxes?
4876. Can Mitt Romney pick the right people to do the job?
4877. Even if he could not pull a 1040 filing off by himself, doesn’t he have a bunch of people that have no other professional function than to manage the Romney estates?
4878. Are these guys up to snuff to fill out the forms?
4879. Do these Romney bureaucrats or Romneycrats have other job functions that should have been prioritized to get this done? (I guess Romneycrat is defined as an incompetent Romney flunky.)
4880. How much have these guys shifted his cash around off-shore to relax his tax burdens?
4881. Should somebody who is running for president of this country be spending his money in overseas investments?
4882. Aren’t Americans good enough to invest in?
4883. Are these the type of people we can expect to see in a Romney administration?
4884. Would Donald Trump fire someone for lesser offenses?
4885. Will Mitt Romney pick a VP candidate who has mastered the mysteries of the elusive 1040 Long Form?
4886. Will the VP candidate have enough experience to show Mitt how it is done?
4887. Can Mitt manage multiple projects simultaneously?
4888. Can he walk AND chew gum at the same time?
4889. If he cannot manage his own finances and the act of running for president, what happens if he gets the job?
4890. If a President Romney can’t get around to doing his taxes — how effective will he be in running the country?
4891. How can a President Romney complain about a European debt crisis when he cannot manage his own tax forms?
4892. From a national tone standpoint — what kind of example does a President Romney set if he is late for a deadline like this?
4893. Will ‘sloppy’ be the new American Ethos?
4894. Will ‘late’ be the new institutionalized timetable?
4895. Isn’t getting your taxes done a baseline to be a member of this society?
4896. Don’t you go to jail if you don’t file?
4897. Did Candidate Obama have any issues filing his 2008 1040 on time?

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