Political Football Analogies: The GOP Corollary

It’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Rick Santorum still wins the GOP Nomination.

Even after pulling the trigger multiple times and unloading an untold amount of buckshot into his feet.
“I don’t like the Kennedys” – CHI-CLICK BLAM
“I don’t like Separation of Church and State” – CHI-CLICK BLAM
“I don’t need no college degree to be no Lawyer” – CHI-CLICK BLAM
“I really should learn how to use firearms” – CHI-CLICK BLAM

He can’t put his foot in his mouth – because there’s no foot left.

He is following Mitt Romney’s lead here!
Get the public used to all sorts of bizarro stuff you say – and you become your own inoculation.
“I got buddies who own NASCAR”
“I love cheap ponchos”
“The trees are just the right height”
(Does this imply the rest of the country needs to get their trees and bushes trimmed?)
I cannot wait for the Department of Homeland Horticulture with yard sticks on the highways?

Mitt Romney had to have gotten the idea from that great states-person, Sarah Palin.
You could not make the stuff up she has been saying for the last four years.
I gotta believe she was sitting on her tour bus thinking,
“OK, what is the most off-the-wall thing I can say and still get away with it?”

This traces back to Bush Jr’s mangling of the lexicon. It is a strategery to say stuff that any sane person would look at you with a tilted head and go – WTF.

This is a variant of the Nazi Propaganda Theme of saying something enough – it gets accepted as truth.
The GOP Corollary – say enough goofy stuff and you can pre-innoculate yourself. You can say anything you want and it will be accepted.

This past week was the Santorum Goofiness Vaccine. I think he is over the worst of it. His Michigan concession speech was solid and on target. It was clear and he was starting to patch the damage done to his feet.

Likewise, Romney’s Victory Speech was just as good.

The current graphic has Romney larger than the shrinking Santorum. I had hoped to make the size of Santorum + Gingrich (why is this guy STILL in the race) greater than growing Romney. (Growing Romney – hmmm, I wonder of there is a drug called Romney that makes you gaffe when ingested?)


President Obama is getting larger on the map because of his support of women’s issues and the economy. In fact, the GOP has dealt so badly with Women’s Issues over the last 2 weeks, it appears that a small pink army has taken the field for the side of the Democrats.

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