So You Wanna Start Another War, GOP?

There is something in the genetic makeup of the GOP that needs to go to war with somebody. Anybody.

When the GOP had full control of the country we got to bring the GOP form of ‘democracy’ with the barrel of a gun to places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Once the GOP was removed from power it seems like they still want to draw us into fights. Let’s go bomb Iran. Let’s invade Iceland — the lava flows too much there and must be stopped. We can always get North Korea.

Every time they want to kill somebody and were stopped they tried remind us that President Obama has made the world less safe. (Tell that to SEAL Team 6.)

Once realizing President Obama will not follow the neo-cons anywhere, the GOP has picked domestic fights with unions, teachers, Latinos and (I guess they are always fighting the) African Americans.

Now the GOP has finally met their match.

They have picked a fight with the women. Are these guys stupid or what? I am starting to wonder if the guys running the GOP even like women.
They seem like a bunch of guys not getting any – trying to stop the rest of us from getting some. Is it their warped sexualities we are fighting?

The women have been starting to fight back. Over the last few months on the horizons of social media a number of pages and web sites took up the cause of the GOP’s War on Women. Maybe the timing was too soon for some of these locations. There have been a number of committed people running them and I hope they don’t get washed out. I hope they can come together.

The last month has seen an increase in the GOP’s War on Women. (I have my own conspiracy theories on the timing of this latest escalation.)

When the GOP and their corporate religious brethren with collars attempt to stop sex except for procreation or want to invade the Doctor’s offices with probes, it pins the needle on the Bull-shee-tom-e-ter.

Over the last weekend a number of women finally got fed up and started to mobilize on social media. Pages and sites have started to go up independently about the War on Women. YouTube Videos like this one quickly got over 1000 views.

When you listen to the whole thing, Erin Nanasi wants to March on Washington DC not for some publicity stunt, but because she understands the stakes. It is life or death. As a guy listening to this, I hear my mom, my wife and my daughter’s worries. The GOP, for whatever reason, wants to slam the door on better than half the population.

Another way to approach this same topic, and maybe just as ambitious, is localizing marches and demonstrations in each state (some larger states may get two) on the same day.

Over the last weekend one woman, Karen Teegarden from Birmingham, Michigan, finally got fed up and started to mobilize on social media late Saturday evening, Unite Against The War On Women, a non public Facebook page, was launched and marches/rallies are planned in all 50 States and DC on April 28th.

Within days the Facebook Page (Link) had over 7,000 members (now closing in on 13,000) with almost no promotion. It is still climbing. To complete the ring of social and internet media – Twitter: @NatlWOW and a web link (Link). They have already attracted filmmakers to document what is about to happen here. Details are being ironed out (am I allowed to use the verb iron as a guy?) and will become public shortly.

As with any movement like this, Karen and Erin are also looking at the long term. They want this to become a sustained effort beyond the date of the events.

Whenever someone has a good idea, you are going to start to see some of the turf wars erupt. These are the back-battles that need to be quelled quickly if there is going to be a sustained mounted defense of Women in the Battle for Sanity.

Even with these two groups, I hope that the dates of the local and National rallies can be staggered for maximum effect. People may want to go to both. Use the local to stage for the National.

I also hope that other groups of equally committed people can put their initial reaction for turf possession down for this one and really come together. I think of already established groups like: OFA or MoveOn or the Coffee Party or NoLabels or NOW. (I am not picking on them.) But, each of these outfits has large numbers of members ready to act for change. They all have their methods and focus.

It would be cool if they could attract dollars for their organizing by hitting up that Colbert Super-PAC. Run one of those spotlights and train it to the sky Batman-style. Instead of the Batman Icon against the clouds you see the Colbert symbol. It would be fun to see Colbert as Fearman the caped crusader and his sidekick, Stewart the Saneboy coming to the assistance (not rescue) of a movement in need.

If a small group of people can harness these groups for a series of big parties…

Who knows – will this be another GOP War with them as the losers who start stuff and can’t finish it? Think about it, over the last 10 years or so the GOP gets into a lot of wars they can’t finish. Iraq was finished by President Obama. Osama bin Laden was finished by President Obama. They left Afghanistan a mess. Heck, the WTC Tower never got done under them.

The GOP figured they could pick on girls for an easy victory.

I can’t wait to see the GOP get beaten up by a bunch of girls.

I love this – want some popcorn?

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