Political Football Analogies: Ash Wednesday Edition

About a month ago, I called this race for Rick Santorum (Link). I am trying to figure out how to get credit for it as my reasoning is holding water just as well, or even better than most of the political pundit class.

The changes for this week are a continuum of what the last month has shown.

President Obama is playing even further into the GOP side of the field as economic news continues to get better for him and the Democrats.

Some people have asked what the “O” on the middle of the field stands for. It is not the Obama Stadium — the venue is actually called Pocket-Protector Field. (You can see the Mighty Pocket Protector in the lower left corner.)

If you compare articles in this series with the Football Analogy, the “O” is getting bigger. The Big “O” represents where President Obama is playing the game right now and how many people are on his side from the stands.

He is expanding his space with every news report that shows the DOW getting higher. (His space will get smaller as I think the oil and gas companies will get involved by hiking gas prices to about $5 / gallon to crash the economy for the fall.)

Rick Santorum is now gaining strength by moving to the right. That was the turf that Ron Paul was playing by himself on. You can tell Paul is scared because he is running ads attacking Rick Santorum from the right flank. There will always be a hard core constituency for Ron Paul. The problem is they are not cloning themselves. As Rick Santorum moves to the right with the social issues he is pushing Ron Paul so far to the right he is coming out on the left.

Newt Gingrich is now a non-factor.

The only solution left for Bishop Romney (yeah, I am calling him that – link) is a massive voter registration drive. He cannot win this with an air and media war. He needs people on the ground to actually register people in closed primary states like Pennsylvania so that he even has a prayer.

There are more people who have opted out of the system than are in the election system. If he can mobilize the apathetic, he can win the whole thing, short of that — there are not enough Moderate Republicans to get him the nomination.


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