Sexy Liberals Do That

We went to see the Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberal Tour (link) in Philly this weekend. The wife and I on a date — whoohoo !!!

I can say it was a great show. If you are a liberal (or even a moderate), it is well worth the time. An all-girl band, Betty, opened musically. They definitely had it going on. Following the ladies, John Fugelsang (killer Chris Matthews imitation) and Hal Sparks (killer math jokes) did at least a half-hour that each seemed like they were doing 5 minutes.

Stephanie Miller came out and did the same warping of time with her material.

What I did not expect was an open mike set-up where Stephanie allowed questions from the crowd. That is always a gutsy thing to do. A few people took the opportunity and she was extremely playful with the audience. Some of the pics she took of herself onstage would make Anthony Weiner blush.

She then invited both Fugelsang and Sparks back onto the stage and brought up the Rude Pundit for a freeform discussion. A lot of good stuff.

It was even better when they announced that part of the proceeds would be helping Planned Parenthood.

After the show ended I stuck around, as I have both John Fugelsang and the Rude Pundit on my Facebook lists and I wanted to reach out to them.

When I approached both guys, it was cool, “Hey, I blog on HuffPo and I am trying to break into radio, do you have some tips for a 50-year-old rookie?”‘

John Fugelsang said, “HuffPo, I’d love to write there.” I hope someone on in Huffington Post System sees this (HINT HINT!!!). John gave me a name to connect with on the radio side and I’ll send some stuff along.

The Rude Pundit was just as cool. I told him a piece I did, he said he saw it and liked it. We will reach out on email.

Then I see Stephanie Miller.

Remember, I am a nerd. There is a switch that sometimes gets flipped and when you see a sexy, smart female — liberal or not. You revert to the 10th grade pimple agent who doesn’t know how to take a breath when talking. (I still have this problem with my wife occasionally when I realize I married the smartest kid in her high school class who was also a cheerleader.)

I attempted to ask the same thing of her, but the voice inside my head started screaming — “YOU MORON you sound like a complete psycho.. She was very gracious and moved on to the next person.

Trust me, it is nerd thing.

Sexy, funny, smart liberals can do that to a nerd.

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