Stop the Toll Trolls on 422

The Montgomery County Commissioners meeting Wednesday, June 8, had a presentation from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPA) to address the significant issue of traffic on the the US 422 corridor.

The DVRPA is proposing a series of four toll collection-thingies-in-the-air (“Toll Trolls”) from near Valley Forge to outside Pottstown. They would like to charge motorists about $2.65 each way for the trip.

Surprisingly, it appears the lower end of 422, where it intersects with both 202 and 76 will not be as affected because the first Toll Troll will be stationed around the Betzwood bridge and will collect 50 cents from drivers.

A representative from the Chamber of Commerce also got up and spoke in favor of looking further at this study.

The DVRPA has a pie-in-the-sky plan of happy bridges and roads and choo-choo trains running up and down 422. When challenged for an actual time line, it was sky-in-the-pie time.

These people are working against the interests of those who live in this part of the region. They are not listing to the folks who live here.

This is not New Jersey where they have parkways and quarters. The toll mechanism for this plan is a combination of EZPass and Big Brother. If you have EZPass, you will get racked up every time you drive by the Toll Trolls.

If you don

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