What Penalties for Breitbart?

Personally Published (Opinion) 2011.06.07

“I’m doing this to save his family, okay? And if this guy wants to start fighting with me again, I have this photo.”

Here is the source material for this: Andrew Breitbart Takes Over Anthony Weiner’s Press Conference (VIDEO)

Does that sound like Andrew Breitbart is blackmaili­ng a member of Congress?

Breitbart could have easily said,

“I want the nuke plans to give to my Russian comrades or I show the picture.”

It makes no difference – you will behave a certain way or I will do nasty things to you. I don’t know the difference between blackmail and extortion, but it sounds the same to me.

Anthony Weiner is making decisions on National Security and Andrew Breitbart has publicly compromised him. Is it worse because this isn’t a local trash hauler leaning on township officials for their contract? Are these felonies?

Look, I had a good time making fun of Anthony Weiner’s situation on this – jokingly I posted that Weiner should have to serve two days naked on the floor of the Congress. Or the only way we are going to see Justice Thomas’ Tax Junk if it is stapled to Andrew Weiner’s Junk.

If Anthony Weiner really wants to get past this – here is the opening. It will serve the greater good but cause him even more personal pain.

He needs to say to Breitbart,

“Let’s have it, let’s have it all.
I am not going to allow you to blackmail me or extort me.”

When he does this the Justice Department should have a pair of cuffs handy for the Breitbart Perp Walk. Politics aside, you cannot put an elected official in a compromising situation. It doesn’t matter if it is the local tax collector, state representative, governor, congressman, senator, or president.

Anthony Weiner then needs to get a hold of this material and release it with another painful news conference. Go naked to the world…

He is then cathartically released as an Elected Official.
There is nothing left to hold over this man’s head.
He becomes a totally free man.

Andrew Weiner is a tough enough guy to weather this storm.

He will become a devastating force once again in the Congress because he has come totally clean. The inquiry into Justice Thomas’ shaky finances can be attacked with gusto.

As part of this process he will have gotten rid of one of the most damaging elements in this society, Andrew Breitbart.

Weiner has not done this personally, but actually in this episode Breitbart has entrapped himself by overplaying his hand publicly.

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