I Want You to Sell Your Body!

Yep, I am saying that (and I haven’t even seen what you look like…). We grouse about Congress people prostituting themselves all the time. If we believe in health care, we may have to do it.

This is my second post for HuffPo. I am using comments garnered from the first to refine my ideas and present a clearer plan here.

My first post had a lot going on, I am afraid I will be going poof soon and back into the ether from where I came. So I have diaherra of the mouth.

Thank you for the comments, please keep them coming. I have an idea for a game plan.


It is not as sexy or salacious as it sounds.

Look, we have the Congress we have. These guys are going to make the call on health care. Obama is committed. I believe him. (This is more than hope. Hope is a feeling that gives us the environment to think better thoughts and come up with better ideas.) Obama is not going to shepherd 530 something Congress people alone. We need to back Obama on this process.

The GOP’s tactic is to fill rooms with hot air and rage in the hopes things will explode. Some places they have come close to succeeding. This is a dangerous stall tactic.

If we counter their tactic properly it will backfire. The GOP will either have to come to the table with serious ideas or be shut out completely.

I believe the counter to this is to shore up the knees of the wavering, non-wavering and opposing Congress people in a quiet effective manner. Yes, that means GOP Congress people, too!


But I want you to get a fair market price for it.

Here is the deal.

You, and if you can get some buddies to go along for the ride, show up at the congress person’s office. You state the following:

We want health care so much that we are willing to work for you during next year’s election cycle.
We are happy to circulate petitions in February to get you on the ballot.
We are happy to stand outside the polls on primary day whether or not you have an opponent and in the general election.
We are happy to make phone calls, do Get Out The Vote (GOTV) operations, carry your water in the blogosphere, on the web, go door-to-door, stick up for you in family conversations, drive around with your bumper sticker on my car.
You will have my services until the day after next November’s election.

You must see my way on health care now!

We will give you the political cover to do the right thing and we will not forget you next year. This is beyond party BS politics. We will have your back.

If the Congress person wavers, let them know you will be happy to work for their opposition next year with the same intensity as you would have received.

When I mentioned this on the first blog entry a number of people started with a screed about sending Blue Dogs to Michael Vick’s place for vacation.

These guys (Congress people) need to know you will back them when it comes down to it. We need to give them the special sauce for the beer muscles they need. Ripping these guys is counter-productive if they can be made willing to get in line. They are your reps; give them the spine they need.

If the corporate world is buying them off them, what do we do to buy them back? Money is the air force in the war of politics. It can deliver effective carpet bombing and signage. So far they have put a better deal on the table to allow a congressman to sit in his seat. Match the deal and beat it.

I am appealing to, you, the infantry. We are the grunts in the trenches. No political machine can win without a superior field operation. Congresspeople cover about 750,000 people (that is a future blog about how this number is making our democracy fade away). They cannot win a congressional seat with an air war alone.

Bargain with them for superiority in the field. It is a legitimate chip to play.

Sell you body to buy a congressman. Is your health care worth it?

Comments, please…

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