I Want You to be a Defender in the War On Healthcare

If you have not commented or posted before – I NEED YOUR BRAINS!!!

A suggestion was made to me by one of the HuffPost editors.  Wrap up the series of Articles on Conservative Arguments for Healthcare.  His reason, a very good one, is that people have a hard time with series of articles. 

I originally thought about writing a single post, but I think it is just as dangerous to put something out that is 14 stories tall that no one reads.  We have shorter attention spans.  This doesn’t mean we are dumbing down.  I just think it means we, as a whole, are processing differently.  Making a reader’s eyes glaze does nothing for anybody.

Besides, I have seen some great comments to the posts and enjoy incorporating and condensing the arguments.  (If you leave a good comment, i’ll steal your material for a later response.)  One big post doesn’t allow for growth.

That is why I serialized.  However, I wrote 4 parts so far with not a lot of comments. 

I need a big hand.  (I already have very large feet…)

I kicked out the idea of a Federalist Papers for Healthcare and that didn’t catch fire, but here is a middle ground.  With the indulgence of the editors of HuffPost, I hope that you guys can place this in a spot where people can see this for an appropriate period of time.  We need some HuffPost Eyeballs.  I would like to involve the HuffPost community to create a more interactive blog.

As you read this, I would like you, the reader, to get involved here.  We are all trying to get this thing passed. 

We are in a fight not just for Healthcare, but for our country and what being an American is.

We see the clips of angry people attacking our leaders with slogans and half baked ideas.  We also talk to those around us who don’t see things the same way.  At least I hope that we are not at that level of intensity where we would reject someone because of a position they have arrived at from their life experience.  We need to listen and formulate then respond.

I am asking for an interactive blog that that we can use as a clearing house for the roadblocks offered to you in response to our healthcare arguments.

When we get somebody saying the illegals should get nothing, what are some good responses.  I am not looking for boilerplate responses here, but a method of thought that can be used to diffuse their position.  You pick the type of responses that suit you. 

I want you battle tested with the best possible responses to the “War on Healthcare”.  We are the defenders of health.  We need to set the rules here.

And even if you don’t have a good response to a question posed to you, put it up here.  let all of us kick it around.

This first post or two will be gathering and refining our communities’ ideas (pronounced idears if you are from Philly.)  The next post or 2 will be about all our experiences using these idears in the field (on the net, with a neighbor, etc.).  The last post will be a summary, but not a rule book.

I want an intelligent community of people who can clone themselves and find their own personal voices in this debate.  I’d like to use this section of the post as a touchstone or reference area for our Health Defense Department.

I’d like to format it something like:

Argument: Illegals should get nothing, no healthcare, box ‘em up and send them back from where they came.


  1. We are paying anyway when they show up at the ER.
  2. Being a recovering Catholic, I believe in the Gospel stories of the Good Samaritan as well as Matthew 25 where we are compelled to help those who are sick (do you want to be a sheep or a goat?).  Can you show me the passages where Jesus is checking the green cards?
  3. If we can at least acknowledge the illegals among us, we can get them paying taxes and they can share the burden.

You don’t need to use all or any of these idears.  Find the ones that fit your voice the best.  It will better arm us for the arguements to come. 

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