Open Letter to PA Democratic Candidates, Committee Members, and Campaign Workers

From: A PA Green Party Delegate

Dear Citizen Who Worked Your Butt Off Last Year and Lost,

We know how hard you worked. We were in the trenches too. We both had little resources and felt out gunned and out spent by the Republicans in our areas.

This is an invitation and promise to you from the PA Green Party.

We might not have much, but if we have the resources, we share it with our candidates and our committee members and our volunteers.

You won’t hear stories about ‘volunteers’ getting hundreds of thousands of dollars after the fact for, well, volunteering. When the PA Democratic Party decided to spread $4,000,000 of the wealth among their chosen people (Link), and you look backward to 2016 and see how close you came in that Congressional Race, we know it has to hurt knowing –

The resources were there to win.

If you bled for Hillary, you agonize on how close you came to pulling off the First Woman President. Seeing millions of bucks being spread around as the leftovers from last year should have you questioning, “What kind of organization is the Democratic Party?”

The resources were there to win.

When you go to a Fair Districts PA meeting to be activated to change the system, you are schooled about how it is the composition of the Districts that leads to the GOP domination of our state. Question that assertion. Question whether everything was done for those candidates to win those State Representative and Senate Races. If the Democrats are spending their resources properly, the GOP would not be the dominant force in the legislature. An infusion of $50,000 or $100,000 into a State Representative Race can be the difference between you and the GOP in the legislature.

The resources were there to win.

To the candidates who just gave up a year or two of your life to run; we promise we won’t waste your time. We know the energies you put into making your best showing to the public. If you were asked to run by the Democrats then realized you were a sacrificial lamb to be slaughtered so some other chosen person gets the real resources, we understand your pain and frustration.

We promise not to do this to you. It is a hard sacrifice to run for office. We respect you as a person and we get it.

Yes, Citizens United unleashed a cash cow of enormous proportions. We see the money was there and not used for candidates but for the corruptions of those running the party. Question how did they use your resources; your Blood, Sweat, Tears and Cash? The Democratic Party is a cause that leaves you lost and drained from the people you thought would be helping you. Please realize, The Democratic Party is a business.

If you are someone who believed in the theory of what the Democratic Party was, then take a look at the pillars and values of what The Green Party is ( ). You may already be Green and not know it.

The Green Party invites you to come to a place where there is a lot of work to be done. Your dollars, your time will not be wasted.

If the resources are there, we will share. It is who we are.

Joe Ferraro
Montgomery County Delegate
PA Green Party

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