Let Uncle Sam become Dr. Sam.

Something forgotten in the Healthcare Debate is the fact business is footing the bill for our Healthcare System.


Seriously, if Conservatives want to give the world’s biggest business tax break, then relieve business of the burden of providing Healthcare. Business does not need to know Sally in Accounting has a son with cancer. They just need to know that Sally is showing up for work and is doing the best she can. When business has to pay the premiums for Sally’s kid, the insurance company has just put Sally out of a job. Our current system makes insurance companies incentivize business to act like jerks.

Do Conservatives really believe in the Marketplace? Then invest in the marketplace by giving Small Business a fighting chance.

When Bernie Sanders debated Healthcare against Ted Cruz recently, he blew a question from a woman who ran a chain of hair salons. She was not expanding her company beyond 49 employees because it put her into a larger group. Sanders’ response was essentially, “Tough, you are now a big enough company”. A better response may have been, “ya know, if we had universal healthcare we would not be talking about this because everyone would already be covered. And that extra money you are saving because you and you employees are saving goes right back into the local economy.”

If the government takes over the Healthcare System then the bottom line is impacted right away.

Business does not have to provide up to 30% of personnel costs if Uncle Sam does takes care of employees.

Big business could be afraid because once Uncle Sam starts wearing a stethoscope big business can lose good employees who can step out on their own; starting new businesses without worrying about a spouse’ chronic condition. Since big business will have 30% more resources to play with, they can offer employees better packages to stay.

Split the savings with the employee and the next thing you know the economy is booming because that 15% bump in salary or benefits for the employee gets spent in the marketplace. And the other 15% goes towards R&D or dividends or whatever use the board has for this new bag of money.

It is really simple – you wanna cut taxes?

Do you want to turbocharge the economy?

Let Uncle Sam become Dr. Sam.

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