Stupid Questions – What is a Democrat

First off – would like to congratulate both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for successfully making the case neither one is qualified for the Office of President.

This election has tested the bounds of reason in some interesting ways.

  • How is it that on July 24, 2015 an Inspector General’s Report of a random sample of Hillary Clinton’s emails found 10% contained classified information  (Link) and she could be a potential Presidential Nominee?
  • It is fair to ask how does even one piece of classified information get on a home-brew server?
  • Why has the FBI not released anything on this?  Aren’t they supposed to be investigating this?
  • I guess the FBI is still super busy trying to prosecute the knuckleheads that crashed our economy in 2008?
  • Better yet, why do we even have an FBI if it will not take on high crimes?
  • If Hillary can get away with this now, is that opening the door for greater mayhem if she were to get to the White House?
  • Really, if the FBI can’t stop her now, what could stop her from absolute power?

Aside from the email issue or the Clinton Campaign, something else that has been sliding for a long time.

  • What does it mean to be a Democrat?
  • What does it mean to be “Blue”?
  • Are Democrats for Fracking or not?
  • Are Democrats for Single Payer Health Care or not?
  • Are Democrats for educating our kids through 16th grade without having them choose from
    • … risking their lives?
    • … or having a mountain of debt?
  • Are Democrats into sending our military into optional wars or not?
  • Are Democrats for taking care of our Seniors, Returning Vets, and those of us who are disadvantaged by handicap?
  • Are Democrats the defenders of Main Street or Wall Street?
  • Will Democrats hold responsible those who send us to false wars or crash our economy based on greed?
  • Will Democrats protect us from trade agreements that wipe out entire sectors of our economy?
  • Are Democrats for transparency or obliqueness in government?
  • Are Democrats into equality for all?
  • Are Democrats against electing people who appointed Justices like Alito, Scalia, Thomas and Roberts on the SCOTUS?  (The ‘we gotta have a Democrat because of the SCOTUS’ argument died when the Party put GOP Retread Arlen Specter up as a Democratic Candidate in 2010.)

I am trying to figure out what being ‘Democrat’ means…

If it means that I have to support someone who got us into Iraq to remain a Democrat
– that is too high of a price to pay.

My third party vote will count as a vote against The Great Battle of Ignorance Versus Corruption.

(I hope Bernie can find the door to The Green Party; he is the only sane one left.)

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