The 5 Other Brothers

At the August DNC meeting presidential candidate Martin O’Malley was chirping about the lack of debates on the Democratic side. He wants to go at it.

The gauntlet was thrown down months ago by Bernie Sanders who has an “I’ll debate anyone anywhere” policy.

As we are seeing from actions by the DNC, the establishment is in Hillary Clinton’s camp. Six debates. That’s it. The DNC knows how weak Clinton is on the debate stage. She is not likeable enough. DO NOT expose her to light; she may melt into a puddle of green goo.

Martin O’Malley is finally waking up.

The DNC is not going to help him. Not now. And not ever if the Clinton Machine rolls to the nomination.

As O’Malley smells the coffee, he needs to make a deal. Not with the DNC, but with Bernie Sanders, and Lincoln Chafee, and Jim Webb, and Joe Biden; to rent out some space, issue some press credentials.

The ‘5 Other Brothers’ can invite Hillary to their debate. If it is time to stand up to the corrupt political systems — they have to exorcise the demons from within their own party. That gives them the credibility to point an anti-corruption finger at the GOP or the any of the three branches of the federal government.

This summer of ‘debates’ make you wonder how we can get any good ideas or people into the public square with the political parties dictating where and when a candidate may speak. Both the Democrats and the GOP have essentially put gag orders on their own people.

But both conventions will wave flags next year trying to convince all of us how much more ‘American’ they are than the other guys. It just looks cynical when you make most of your candidates wear duct tape lipstick.

All of these candidates need to be tested. The country needs to see them and the visions they sell.

If Martin O’Malley wants to do something besides whine about how the DNC is dissing him, there are his four other brother Democrats and I’ll a bet a stack of GOP candidates who would love to duke it out. But they are all afraid of their own parties. Invite all comers.

If the candidates can’t stand up to the DNC or the GOP management, how are they going to do against Putin?

There is a huge bonus awaiting anyone with the guts to stand up. Recent GOP polls see the electorate rejecting anyone who is elected in the party infrastructure. Hillary is ripe for the taking. Everyone is fed up with the petty party games.

The next Declaration of Independence I want to see from the candidates is one from their own parties.

Then debate each other — across party lines — I wanna see what you got.

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