Triangulate the Triangulators

The Clinton machine has been very good over the last few decades at triangulation. Pull a little from the left, pull a little from the right and pander to everyone.

How else did we get great stuff like NAFTA passed along with Three Strikes? Pander to the right. Keep the left interested by maybe doing something half-hearted with health care.

Is it time to use some triangulation concepts for Bernie Sanders? He can position himself to the right of Hillary on a number of things while maintaining solid left footings. Reframing some issues can create some pointy triangulations cutting his way. The difference with Sanders is he means what he says.

Triangulate to businesses. For instance, his single-payer system, BernieCare, is brilliant in its simplicity. So simple, that ABC News could not grasp what he was saying at the 12/21/15 debate.

If your business does not have to provide health insurance for their employees, that money not spent can be re-deployed on producing widgets. It is a de-facto tax break for your corporation.

If, as an individual, you do not have to buy insurance, that money is in your pocket. It is a de-facto tax break aimed at your household expenses.

That is money put back into the economy. Reframe the issue to use government as a tool to cut your expenses as a business or a household. Instead of cutting government, we sharpen it like a weapon to trim corporate fat. Make businesses more efficient. They do not need to provide insurance if the government can do it better. Let businesses get to work making stuff.

The ABC debate moderators could not get their arms around re-deploying employee health care expenditures. Lift that financial burden and money can be sunk back into the business or reallocated as profits for shareholders.

There is no way to give full detail for an outcome because it is a huge economic shift. We have to change the way we do business. Single-payer BernieCare will retool our economy.

ABC News should be able to understand once it is explained a few more times.

How to triangulate Three Strikes? The 1990s Clinton used filling prisons as a way to say he was tough on crime. It was an easy grab for votes from the Right.

Why not a commercial to triangulate for Sanders?

Get folks who have relatives serving insane sentences on bogus charges. When we have over 2,500,000 people incarcerated, the sheer number of people who are related to someone behind bars has to be huge. We have too many laws messing over too many people.

The commercial is a series of families shown one after the other. Each presentation is the same:

  • Opens with kin holding a picture of a convict as they looked when they went into “the system.”
  • A text box reveals the convict’s name, the crime, the sentence, where the sentence is being served (public or private prison) and how much it has cost to keep the person locked up.
  • Cut to an image of what the convict looks like today as they mouth the words, “thanks, Clinton.”
  • Cut back to the family mouthing the words, “thanks, Clinton”.

Triangulate the cost of private and public prison systems with the real human faces.

Since real conservatives want to save a buck, appeal to them.

Some of the online attacks on Bernie Sanders are that his candidacy was conceived and propped up from the Right.

Go with it.

Recruit conservatives saying that “we don’t agree on everything, but we can work together.”

No one else running has the credibility to hold their hand out across the divide and say those words without generating snickers.

Many real conservatives are fearful of a Hillary Clinton White House.

They look at Trump as the GOP nominee and shake their heads.

Offering conservatives some respect from the Left on better fiscal accountability on penal systems is a great way to start out-triangulating the Clintons.

Appeal to conservatives on the idea of when can a person be forgiven for minor transgressions.

Offer plans for better email server security so that it will be tougher for our data to be breached. If you are a conservative who believes that government data security is lax, come here, Bernie wants a word with you…

Lots of conservatives want the Fed audited.

So does Bernie.

There are a lot of Rand Paul fans who like what Bernie is saying on foreign policy. Make the play for them. Invite them into the Democratic Party, if only for the primary.

Just stating his natural positions may be the easiest way Sanders can triangulate the entire election against the original triangulators from the 1990s.

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