Hillary’s Email Server Stupid Questions

Reports are that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (HRC) operated her own private email server on which she performed government business.

Whether you are about to excuse this activity by saying the activity was OK legally or fine because of some policy or because other Secretaries of State did this – it is just plain stupid to put an email server critical to the operation of a business or a country in somebody’s basement. Opponents can seize upon this to cast HRC as a walking, talking security breach.

Stupid Questions:

How much extra security was afforded the area the server resided?

With Buddy the dog gone now for years, is there at least a toy poodle who would bark if someone broke in to steal the hardware?

Anyone want to collaborate with me on a new Hollywood script where the plot is terrorists plan to steal the Secretary of State’s email server for all the information stored? If we want to do a comedy – can we get Chris Rock as the hero? Or The Rock for an adventure version? Or if we want to do the cerebral version; we get Tom Hanks? Do you think Pee Wee Herman would do the one closest to reality?

I can see a final sequence where the Secretary of State and Pee Wee are together on the red bike racing around the town of Chappaqua trying to take down the bad guys.

We know of the existence of the server because some Romanian hacker gave up the information, is it conceivable that many other countries had access to this server and aren’t letting on?

Is there a chat room somewhere with a regular Thursday morning session where black hats who gained access to this server sit around in their jammies commenting on what they got?

Omar from Pakistan: “Hey Dev, did you see what she posted last Saturday night?

Dev from India: “I needed a new keyboard because of the pomegranate juice spit out laughing”.

A shirtless Vladimir from Russia chimes in, “I loved the new Ukraine plans she sent on Monday. Very useful.”

From a more serious perspective:

There is a whole science to Disaster Recovery.

How was the facility equipped for data backup? Power backup? Fire protection?

Was there an off-site facility?

How many people were in charge of keeping this server updated against viruses?

Were they government employees or contractors?

If they were contractors – who says they could not be co-opted by their company?

What if the company is co-opted by a company based in another country?

HRC had the full resources available to her as the Secretary of State. Why didn’t she use the NSA or the CIA? These are functions of the Department of State and have some of the smartest people on the planet sworn to do the job. She doesn’t trust them – she’s their boss!

Was she paranoid about her boss seeing what she was up to? If she makes it to the White House would she project her own paranoia to her Secretary of State? What does that do to her operating dynamic?

Are you ready to play The Benghazi Game again?

The GOP is on solid ground to go on a monumental fishing expedition. If a hacker got into the HRC server and knew the size and movements of the ambassador’s entourage, would that have made the tragedy possible? An impossible fact to know, but now in the realm of possibility because HRC took information off-site to a place not afforded the same protections as other classified material.

Once the GOP gets her emails, forget about HRC as presidential material unless you want to be treated to a long drumbeat of scandal after scandal.

Hillary is the one who put the rogue server in action. The State of the Hacking Arts has increased exponentially in the last 10 years. Every month we are treated to another story of a bank break-in or a data breach.

To excuse this lack of judgment because her predecessors did the same thing is to ignore a fast changing world. To say there were no laws broken about what she did is to ignore the law has a really hard time keeping up with tech. To claim it was someone else’ policy that allowed her to do this is just to pass the buck.

She cannot blame the haters on this – this is a self-inflicted wound that kills her credibility on security issues and her judgment on tech issues.

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