Clinton Commercial Series — Thank You Hillary

I am a Democrat. I worked proudly for both of Bill Clinton’s elections as well as Barack Obama’s. I will not be voting for Hillary Clinton. There is no commercial or platitude or promise that will modify this stance. If the Democratic Party makes acceptance of Hillary Clinton a litmus test for my membership, well, I am an American first.

There are a number of reasons why I will not vote for her. It may be easier to convey these reasons using a series of commercials that can be produced by an opponent. I hope that a Democratic challenger can use these ideas. But if no one can enunciate these from the Democratic side, I am sure the GOP will be more than happy to make the case when it is too late for the Democrats to change their candidate.

Commercial 1 — Thank You Hillary

Starts out with images from Congress finalizing the Iraq War Vote in 2002. Sound of Hillary saying “Yea”.
Quick cut to chaotic fighting. Sounds of shots and screams.
Quick cut to coffins draped with American Flags. Sound of Taps and crying.
Quick cut to rehab facilities. Sound of therapist instructing a patient.
Quick cut back to Congress.


In 2002, Hillary Clinton did not step up to oppose the actions in Iraq. 24 other Senators stepped up. Even in 2002 people were looking to Hillary for leadership. She allowed us to be led into one of the longest and costliest conflicts in our history.

Had she led an opposition to the Iraq War she may have won the 2004 Election. In 2015, we would have already seen the end of her second term. Our economy would not have crashed in 2008 from the burdens of the Iraq War. Our world would have been a better place if she led us at the right time.

Cut to montage of maimed Iraq War Vets, Gold Star wives holding folded American Flags, and Gold Star Children. Each looking directly into the camera for an uncomfortable moment and saying, “Thank You Hillary.” Some might only mouth the words before turning from the camera, some might just look and give a non-verbal glare. But the honest reaction of the Americans most directly affected by her vote for the Iraq War is captured.

Ending graphic — “Thank You Hillary” with the sound of taps.

Longer term modifications to the commercial campaign include rotating more people saying, “Thank You Hillary”. Shortening the ads to less than 10 seconds after the initial roll-out to the placing the ending graphic first and just one person looking into the camera for 5 seconds before saying “Thank You Hillary.”

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