It’s not the Climate Warming – It’s the Frozen R & D

Global Warming.


Sarah Palin will/won’t Debate Al Gore

Climate Scientist Harassed At UN Press Conference By Deniers

Copenhagen – a hundred stories.

Gore Tackles Palin, Fights Back On ClimateGate: ‘What In The Hell Do They Think Is Causing It?’

I wish it were this easy. It ain’t.
Whether there are temperature variations or not…
Whether some scientists went rogue or not…

I don’t give a rat’s you know what.

Climate change is a symptom and not the direct problem.
None of it explains how we are going thru resources at an alarming rate.
We are squeezing the earth like squeezing a zit.

It doesn’t matter about doctored science or Al Gore or Sarah Palin or Deniers or Alarmists.

  • It matters about the 6+ billion of us wanting to eat.
  • It matters about the 6+ billion of us wanting to drive.
  • It matters about the 6+ billion of us wanting to have light.
  • It matters about the 6+ billion of us wanting to be warm.

How do we as a human race rectify the waste we generate and justify the resources we use?
That is what this is about.

How are we going to be sustainable

  • as a human race?
  • as a country?
  • as a community?

It is about the Green Economy. It is about our country falling behind on Research and Development.

As we are playing into and watching these soap operas unfold like a warped WWF storyline, every other country is getting their act together.

Back in June I attended a conference by the Solar Energy Industries Assn. (SEIA). The information available was astounding. Real products you can put on your house today with the tax credits were on display with the contractors to do the work. Fantastic !!!

I started to walk around the area that held the abstracts, the scientific papers and research driving this new Green Economy. It was looking at the UN without a lot of USA representation.

I walked away saddened that we are now floating behind the curve. We are dependent upon the Middle East for Oil, we are quickly becoming dependent upon the Pacific Rim and the EU for our technology.

It gets me angrier and angrier that our country, that is supposed to be the best on the planet, is mired in a debate whether we are destroying a part of the planet. We are killing ourselves by proving how utterly stupid we are.

If scaring the hell out of us with a Global Warming issue real or not, doesn’t get us to move to a Green Economy then we are dead in the water.

We need to ramp up our engineering and tech fields. Part of the President’s job is to put a goal before that is reachable. When Sputnik launched, Ike scared us to learn. Kennedy inspired us to get to the moon, applying that technology to drive a large part of our economy. The germs of the Green movement started under Nixon, gained credibility under Carter and were wiped away under Reagan. The Clinton years saw us use technology thru the Internet as an economic engine. Bush saw tech as a way to surveille.

Obama sees the Green economy as the engine to get us away from big oil and other interests. It will never get off the ground if this race to be stupid is allowed to continue. We will be owned by other interests than Middle East Sheiks.

The argument gets couched as

  • Some people want to actually act responsibly thru governments
  • Others wanting a free ride for everything all the time.

Listen up teabaggers…

It is time to pony up,
or really be subservient to foreign powers.

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