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Thanks Hillary.fwThere are a number of reasons why I will not vote for Hillary Clinton, even though I am a Democrat. It may be easier to convey these reasons using a series of commercials that can be produced by an opponent. I hope that a Democratic Challenger can use these ideas. But if no one can enunciate these from the Democratic side, I am sure the GOP will be more than happy to make the case when it is too late for the Democrats to change their candidate.

Commercial 4

News report with a large splash across the screen “The Year That Was 2018.”

For each person or persons are mentioned by the anchor an action video plays in the background describing the action.

As we turn to Politics –
This year was a rough one for the Democratic Party.

In January, the House Select Prosecutorial Sub-Committee released its bi-partisan report on the Clint-O-Cash Scandal. The report waited until the 30,000 deleted emails from the Former President’s hacked email server were reconstructed and verified by the intelligence agencies of England, France, Finland, Germany, Israel, India, Pakistan, Russia, and China.

The impeachment proceedings dragged into August as President Clinton was removed from office on the anniversary of the Nixon resignation as Vice President Cory Booker assumed the top spot.

The almost immediate pardon of the Clinton Family harkened back to the Ford Pardon of Richard Nixon as part of the Watergate Scandal.

The November Elections also mirrored the results of the 1974 Congressional Elections where most of the offending party was swept out of office.

The only remaining Congressional Democrats of note reside in the Black Caucus. They survived because they could not be gerrymandered out.

The GOP is promising they will take that issue up in 2019 to completely remove all Democrats from office.

As the topic changes a graphic of “Thank You Hillary” appears on the screen. The news anchor moves along.

Moving to Sports

The Philadelphia 76ers won their first NBA Championship since the Doctor was in the house…


Longer term modifications to the commercial campaign include shortening the ad to less than 10 seconds with a split screen of Nixon leaving The White House after his resignation and Hillary in front of a helicopter.


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