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When it comes time to select elected officials many people wonder what they can do?  We get some good people, sometimes by dumb luck.  We get some bad people.  I am not talking about people who disagree with you on a topic, but the psychos who would kill everything good in a community for no good reason.

A red flag to me has always been someone who is running who won’t explain themselves.  I have been burned before.  Ask them a question and you get a BS answer.  I would rather know a person disagrees with me and can tell me why.  It shows how they are thinking.  I can respect that.

If we disagree – that is not a bad thing.  It means there needs to be compromise to make things go forward.

You cannot determine how to go forward if no one knows where anyone stands.

The 2015 Methacton School Board ballot positions were released last week.  Here is a graphic of who is running:


Methacton Profile 2015 2.fw


Consider this a formal invitation to get involved in the political process.

Here is the idea:

Get these folks in a room and get them to answer questions.

What questions should we ask?

This is a survey to start formulating questions to ask these folks.

Depending on the questions we get an interest in asking questions will determine if there is even enough interest in holding a forum where candidates’ feet are held to a fire.

It will be easy enough to live stream the event.

Who should be asking the questions?  Those who step up to get involved are the ones who edit and ask the questions during the forum.  If we act like adults, we can come up with something worthwhile and usable for those who are not as involved.

This is a Survey Monkey page containing a starting point for getting these questions together.  We can gauge interest in doing this by participation.  If no one wants to do it, then it becomes an idea tried, and we try something else.


Methacton Survey 2015 1.fw

So, for the time being, let’s formulate some questions to be asked.

This one way to start acting like a community of adults.

I will report back how many people sign up and what the proposed questions are.  From there, we will have a meeting at a diner in town to edit the questions to a survey form for distribution to the candidates.  We can present the survey to the candidates online.

The candidates will have a week to fill out their surveys.

After that week another meeting will be held to question the responses and create follow-up questions for the forum to be live streamed from another small business or facility in town.

The live stream should take place about 2 weeks before the primary so the answers can be disseminated to everyone in the district.

You will notice there are no political parties or special groups involved in this process.  The door is open to anyone willing to bend a little to allow all of us to have a say.

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