How to Win by Negotiating with Ourselves

Normally you don’t win anything when you negotiate with yourself. You barter yourself into a worse and worse position. I see an exception.

Sam Stein wrote a great articel on today’s Huffington Post. Dems Will Bypass Conference Committee To Get Health Care Passed

Both chambers of Congress will skip a formal “conference committee” and instead negotiate informally on their respective health care bills, confirm Congressional aides and sources outside of government.

This is great news, and here is a suggestion.

Contact your Democratic Congressperson or Senator (because the GOP just isn’t interested) and ask them to do the following:
  1. Find all the GOP add-ons that were placed into the bill with no Democratic Sponsorship.
  2. Remove these items.
  3. Start negotiations from this new document.

Since no GOP members voted for the original bill, why are we catering to them?

If a passage has a Democratic Sponsor, the passage may live until the negotiation sessions. This is the fastest way to get Healthcare back on track with something we want. The GOP didn’t want to vote for this bill, exorcise them from it completely.

It also makes some nice stories about what the GOP would have gotten had they negotiated in good faith. These items would make great political commercials for anyone wanting to run in the 2010 election cycle.

There is a total cash value as to what they put into the bill that can be seen as a savings right off the bat. I cannot imagine there was not a lot of GOP fat in there. So the Democratic strategists can record the cash value for these unvoted on tax increases. These GOP members have been happy to allow the Democrats to take the fall for their follies.

Make these GOP members look like weasels for putting stuff into this bill and not voting for their own handiwork.

This should finally stop the GOP from acting like a bunch of teens drunk on their first beers.

Remember, there is a march in DC on Jan 15th you are invited: Click Here…

Would be cool to meet you…

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