Stupid Questions – Ferguson Decision (or The Michael Brown Mall)

Officer Wilson claims that his life was in danger as the reason for killing Michael Brown.

Why is no one looking at the possibility that Michael Brown was the one fearing for his life?  (As it turned out, he would have been justified in that fear.)  Could Michael Brown grabbing the gun been Brown realizing his life was at risk and getting that gun was the ONLY way he could defend himself?

As per a caller to The Michael Smerconish Program, Officer Wilson had to know Brown was unarmed by virtue of Brown reaching for the officer’s gun; if Brown was armed then would Wilson have been killed in the car?  (If Brown had a weapon it would have been used in the initial altercation.)

If a cop works for a locality and the DA is responsible for the quality of the cop’s work, how can one prosecute a subordinate without prosecuting yourself?

No one can find a similar case in which the DA presented the Wilson case – where all the information is presented to a grand jury. Has the Ferguson DA created a precedent where police have a different set of rules than civilians?

Is that legal under the Equal Protection Clause?

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In the transcripts the DA told the grand jury they had witnesses they did not wish to present to the grand jury (Section 24); if there were a real trial would these witnesses have been heard?

Is it prosecutorial misconduct to present witnesses to a Grand Jury that the prosecution knows to be false or unreliable?  The DA can present witnesses saying they saw Elvis Presley walking across the street while events are transpiring.  Would placing enough Elvis-watching straw men in front of the Grand Jury intentionally torpedo the case?

In real trial, is it undue influence for lawyers to contact jurors outside the courtroom? (During his press conference the DA stated he was able to talk to the grand jurors outside the courtroom.)

Will DA’s across the nation now use these techniques to avoid prosecuting cops?

Will those leaking information be investigated and charged with tampering with a jury?

At what point can being compelled to keep a secret outweigh the need for justice?  If a grand juror suspects a crime has been committed in the matter of how the grand jury was convened how can the grand juror petition to bring charges against the DA’s office? In Federal Court?

If there is no recourse afforded to the grand juror who suspects a crime has been committed and that juror writes articles about their experiences on this jury – is that protected by free speech and free press rights?  Would this citizen be willing to print such a piece and risk going to jail?

If it found that the DA acted improperly in the case of Officer Wilson, can every other grand jury processed by this office come under review?

Can the Federal Government appoint a special prosecutor?

With respect to the non-indictment announcement and the aftermath; how many cops were housed in the Ferguson area for a deployment in case of ‘unrest’?  How much did it cost to put these cops up in the surrounding hotels?  How much does it cost to equip each cop with the shiny new riot gear being sported?  How much was spent on tear gas?

From what budget were these funds spent?  Who voted for the expenditures?  And when?

As far as the businesses in Ferguson, how many local businesses have closed down permanently since August?

Could all levels of government be charged with malfeasance when it promised to protect local businesses from looters before the non-indictment announcement then left them unprotected to burn after the announcement?

Is there an economic incentive for the surrounding communities to take the capitalistic opportunity to drive all businesses out of Ferguson?  Is there an uptick in businesses in the surrounding communities to replace those providing goods and services closed down in Ferguson?  Is that enough to look at the possibility that some of the fires were started, not by looters, but some seeking a crime of opportunity?

Is there sufficient wealth, expertise, and will in the national African-American Community to save Ferguson economically?  Could a foundation be created to raise funds to construct a shopping mall in Ferguson and name it after Michael Brown?

Could the release of the foundation’s funds be dependent upon the local population forcing a recall election of all city officials and replacing the police department?

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