We are the Forgers !

This is the first and most important of the 3 blogs I plan to write concerning 1/15/10.

Patron Saints are something every Catholic School child learns. St. Joseph is the patron saint of workers and carpenters, St. Catherine – writers, St. Michael – cops. You get the idea. Patron saints are meant to inspire and a way to connect to something higher,

Teabaggers have taken as their patron saint the participants of the Boston Tea Party. That great set of Patriots dressed as Indians who dumped the King’s tea over unfair taxation. Yes, we the Teabaggers are the righteous keepers of the American Revolution! They accelerated the anger of the British and pushed the war cause.

Take a closer look at what this represents in a different light:
A bunch of guys

  • In the cover of darkness,
  • Enter another man’s property,
  • Destroy another man’s property.
  • Priceless is the fact they disguised themselves as another group of people so they would not be blamed.

Does that really say America to you?
Is that the America you want?

  • sneakiness,
  • breaking and entering,
  • vandalism
  • trying to blame it on somebody else.
  • itching for a fight!

Why would you canonize this group?

I live in Audubon, Pennsylvania. There are 2 significant sites here. John James Audubon’s first house here in the US is a museum. Nice little stopover if you like realism in natural art. The other is a portion of Valley Forge National Park.

You can see where this is going now…

An army defeated, reeling and expelled from Philadelphia hobbles into a small hamlet to get its act together.

Demoralized and cold, they hemorrhage men and supplies. The cold winter upon them makes them realize a desperate situation. The tyrants were inside their heads and ripping out the wiring.

Thomas Paine wrote about the Sunshine Patriot in response to those who left. George Washington’s calm stabilized the men, even eating the same rations. Baron von Steuben made his bones when he gave our men the real meaning of what an army was.

Over that winter they prepared, drilling and learning how to fight. They march out of Valley Forge ready to finish the fight started by the blowhards in Boston Bay.

These are the Forgers.

I can’t think of a better group of men and women to take as a Patron Saint.

In the light of day this group walked the talk and put muscle behind their words. Valley Forge is the birthplace of the American Military – the ultimate actor for freedom on the planet.

I want to coin the term Forger as one who defends what America is about. Whether if it is in the direct uniform service or as one who raises their voice for what is right in the country.

Forgers stood up for democracy.

Teabaggers are sound and fury.

Forgers stand for the freedoms granted by Equality.

Teabaggers don’t want to pay bills and obligations as a society.

Forgers embrace responsibility because it makes us a stronger country.

Teabagger want others to own the blame for what they do.

We define Forger as one Forged by events and hardened to the stupidity thrown at them.

To Forge is to lead.

To Forge is to make strong by trial.

Forgers are the stand-up guys from the Revolution.

Forgers are the stand-up guys now.

Teabaggers start fights.

Forgers end fights.

I’ll take a Forger as a Patron Saint, thank you.

I am a Forger – I stand behind our President.

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