Stupid Questions – 30123: Cops and Badges

SQ 30132 Pat down.fw

“Badges? We don’t need no stinkinbadges…”

Videos of cops threatening to kill people ( ) paired with night after night of teargas makes the country punchy.

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Some Stupid Questions related to a small facet of the Ferguson Circus.

  1. Name tags should be part of the uniform, right?
  2. If you are out of uniform are you still legit?
  3. If you cannot or will not fully identify yourself as a cop are you a legit cop?
  4. Without a badge or a way to identify someone what proof is there that the person is who they say they are?
  5. If a cop without ID assaults a citizen, does that citizen have a right to fight back?
  6. A cop without an ID making arrests can that be considered criminal harassment?
  7. Every few years some criminals decide to scam people into thinking they are cops – what defense do citizens have against cops without identity?
  8. If we need picture id to vote shouldn’t we require proper id from a person who is insisting on patting us down?

SQ 30123 Ferguson MO.fw

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