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I Am Not Charlie and I Am Sorry

Thinking about this celebrated image from the new Charlie Hebdo cover, it is MORE insult disguised as satire. Are the publishers of the magazine thinking if they show the image 10 more, 20 more or 10,000 more times Muslims will be less offended? Will Muslims think the creators of this “satire” and those who buy it are uncivilized or bigots?

The Judgment of Fred Phelps

Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist is in the process of passing on. As Christians we are told not to judge. That happens, I guess, at the Pearly Gates. I don’t want to get there too soon, but if I do get there and the place is wired for YouTube, The Judgment of Fred Phelps might be an interesting watch. Since we have no clue what will go on, we are left to speculate. Here is my impression…

Gamed by Duck Dynasty

When I first heard the commentary from Phil Robertson, I thought it was stupid for him to tick off a segment of the population. That is money he is risking for his employer, A&E. As I began seeing more in the media about the holdings of this family, I started to wonder if this was a plan.

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